Activated Carbon panel



Application: Museums, archives, industry

Frame: Stainless Steel

Bonding: 2 component polyurethane

Carbon: M-carb generic activated carbon. S-carb specific impregnated carbon used for museums and archives

Gasket: Neopreen

Maximum/recommended final presssure drop: N/a

Maximum temperature: 40°C

Maximum relative humidity: 70%


• Firm construction

• High dustholding capacity

This activated carbon filter is designed to adsorb small amounts of gaseous impurities (<100 ppm vol.) At higher concentrations, a risk of spontaneous creation. For instructions on using these filters, please contact your local Filters Direct representative.

Spec Sheet - M-Carb
Spec Sheet - R-Carb
Spec Sheet S-Carb
TypeDimensions WxHxD
Carbon TypeInitial Weight
# Filters / boxDimensions box
ACP 592X592X45 M-CARB 5 0.012 3 610x610x100
ACP 592X592X45 R-CARB 5 0.012 3 610x610x100
ACP 592X592X45 S-CARB 5 0.012 3 610x610x100