HF Activated Carbon



Application: Airports, Industry

Frame: Galvanized steel, Stainless steel

Filterclass according to EN779:2012: N/a

Maximum temperature: N/a

Maximum relative humidity: N/a


• Straightforward assembly
TypeDimensions WxHxD
MaterialNumber of Holes# Frames / Box
AC.H.FR.A 610x610x70 mm galvanized steel 16 4
AC.H.FR.B 508x610x70 mm galvanized steel 12 4
AC.H.FR.C 305x610x70 mm galvanized steel 8 8
AC.H.FR.CC 305x305x70 mm galvanized steel 4 16
AC.H.FR.A.SS 610x610x70 mm Stainless steel 16 4
AC.H.FR.B.SS 508x610x70 mm Stainless steel 12 4
AC.H.FR.C.SS 305x610x70 mm Stainless steel 8 8
AC.H.FR.CC.SS 305x305x70 mm Stainless steel 4 16