Application: HVAC, Industry

Frame: Plastic

Spacers: Hotmelt

Bonding: 2 component polyurethane

Media: medium consisting of synthetic medium combined with activated carbon

Gasket: continuous poured gasket

Filterclass according to EN779:2012: M6

Maximum/recommended final presssure drop: 350 Pa

Maximum temperature: 65°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

Comment: It is preferred to use a prefilter with these products


• Small construction space

• Low pressure drop

Spec Sheet
TypeDimensions WxHxD
Pressure drop
# Filters / boxDimensions box
Energy Label
HPQ-AK-A HPQ dim. 592x592x292 M6 3400 120 1 605x300x605 G
HPQ-AK-B HPQ dim. 490x592x292 M6 2800 120 1 605x300x505 G
HPQ-AK-C HPQ dim. 288x592x292 M6 1700 120 2 605x300x605 G